PAWsome news: We’re Excited to Support America’s VetDogs 

A day’s work at RedSky can entail anything from cyber strategy and AV solutions to IT training and program management. We are invested in various facets of the defense and management landscape as we work to support those who are doing the heavy lifting of ensuring the security of our nation.

Meanwhile, our friends at America’s VetDogs are dedicated to supporting disabled veterans and active service members through guide and service dogs, free of charge.

While our work looks vastly different, RedSky and America’s VetDogs are connected through the fundamental motivation for our work (and our love for dogs!) — providing state-of-the-art support for our nation. RedSky accomplishes this by serving organizations facing critical cybersecurity challenges, and America’s VetDogs accomplishes this by helping our veterans continue to thrive in their daily lives.

We deeply believe in the work that America’s VetDogs is doing. They are involved in every step of the process, from training highly-skilled service dogs to matching them with individuals according to their specific needs (including physical injuries, hearing and vision loss, seizures, and PTSD) and providing support post-placement. These dogs provide not just support, but also the motivation to take on daily challenges.

That’s why we were so excited to hear about their Name a Puppy Sponsorship program — we get to sponsor a puppy who will one day become a service dog, AND we get to choose the name for that puppy!

This sponsorship enables us to extend our impact further into the lives of those who serve our nation, as we get to play a role in increasing support and quality of life for a veteran or active service member who is disabled.

Naming our sponsored puppy is a big decision, so we took to LinkedIn to get more input as we chose a name.

Our future America’s VetDogs puppy will be born in 6-8, and RedSky’s sponsored puppy will be named Sky!

We’re grateful to partner with America’s VetDogs, and we hope you’ll do the same. You can learn more about their work here, or access their donation page directly to help a veteran, first responder, or active-duty military Live Without Boundaries.