The unexpected cost of ignoring leadership dynamics and what you should do instead

RedSky is a team that understands that every person brings unique perspectives, gifts, and challenges with them into the workplace.

Although we’re in the IT and Cybersecurity space, much of our work is spent navigating the ins and outs of relational dynamics so that we can implement solutions according to how they will work best for a given team or company.

We do this because every project and mission is unique and comes with a set of unique players involved. We’re not interested in copy-and-paste methods for running projects or managing people – we understand that every person functions differently – and our approach is flexible in light of that.

Varying personalities and leadership styles can influence every element of a project’s success, including: 

  • Quality of communication
  • Aligning work and learning styles 
  • Understanding how decisions are made

For example, a group of highly extroverted and charismatic leaders will need to have their project managed very differently than a group of laissez-faire style leaders. They will need to be reminded to slow down sometimes, as extroverts are often verbal processors who are quick to respond, assertive, and highly decisive.

While the extroverted group may need help prioritizing their ideas and delegating responsibility among themselves, the more hands-off, introverted leaders will need space to make decisions while remaining communicative and involved. Where extroverted leaders excel in making quick decisions, introverted leaders need to have space to make decisions more internally, slowly, and quietly, while also being reminded to include their team in certain elements of their decision-making process. 

This is a very basic example, but in real life, there are endless combinations of personalities and dynamics within a team that RedSky is attentive to, and equipped to lead well.

This matters not just for the sake of understanding dynamics, but for setting every team up for success long after we’ve worked with them. 

We hope that every person we interact with can walk away with a better understanding of how they can use their strengths and the strengths of those on their team to do their job well.

Identifying key personality traits can also: 

  • Streamline task assignment
  • Increase effective communication
  • Help team members learn to manage or mitigate conflict
  • Assist in career development

There really is no downside to being aware of varying dynamics within a team, and understanding how to facilitate in light of that. 

Here’s what this awareness looks like at RedSky: 

  • We form our teams not only out of the need for employees but through intentionally incorporating team members with unique personalities and perspectives 
  • By design, none of us are the same — we want every team member to share their voice alongside RedSky’s leadership.
  • Our awareness of these differences helps us put individuals in situations where they will specifically be able to grow and thrive. 

At RedSky, we know that leadership is a challenging responsibility. That’s why we ensure we have the time and talent to invest in every part of your mission, for the sake of security and the good of your organization.