We provide mission-focused, analytical and technical solutions to our customers.

At RedSky, we are committed to providing our customers with mission-focused, technical and analytical solutions that meet project requirements and demands with complete precision. We specialize in IT governance, mission-critical support services, project management, business development, systems integration, and strategic and tactical planning. We quickly evolve as mission requirements change, providing a level of service unparalleled in our industry. Find out more about how we can support your organization with our services by contacting us today.

IT Governance

Services in Tampa, FL
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IT Governance

Address advancing threats while capitalizing on existing technology. At RedSky, we are passionate about helping organizations in the private and government sectors protect themselves, their data, and their customers from...
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PMO Services and Program Management

Improve project and portfolio performance. Your PMO services and project management provider should set, maintain, and ensure standards for major projects across your organization. We act as the keepers of...
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Systems Integration and Technical Solutions in Tampa, Florida

Systems Integration and Technical Solutions

System integration simplified. At RedSky, we can integrate and enhance disparate systems to deliver strong performance and new mission results. Our systems integration and technical solutions comprise systems engineering, integration,...
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Strategic & Tactical Planning in Tampa, Florida

Strategic & Tactical Planning

Develop strategic, tactical plans to support mission priorities. We support government organizations by developing strategic, tactical plans that identify, manage, and direct resources to support mission strategies and priorities. Our...
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SETA Support

We can provide missions-focused SETA support. Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractors are contracted by the government to help with U.S. Department of Defense components and acquisition programs. SETA...
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