Veteran Spotlight: Christopher Fisher

We are excited to kick off our Veteran Spotlight series by highlighting Christopher Fisher, whose journey from the Iowa Army National Guard to his current role at RedSky exemplifies dedication, growth, and service.

Christopher’s commitment to professional development, community engagement, and supporting fellow service members is a testament to the values we cherish.

Before RedSky, Chris served in the Iowa Army National Guard and was an active community volunteer

Following a long line of family members in military service, Christopher joined the Iowa Army National Guard in 2009 as an Intelligence Analyst. He shares that The Iowa Army National Guard (IAANG) created a great space for him to learn and grow. He assisted in numerous state emergencies during his time with the IAANG as well as honed his analytical abilities to support real-time intelligence missions.

Upon completing college, Christopher continued to give back by supporting current members of the military and veterans as the G.I. Bill Manager. During his time in the Education Office, he helped thousands of military members start, continue, and complete their education journey. Still serving on weekends and long weeks over the summer, he also connected with his community outside of the military. He volunteered in many capacities and said supporting the Beacon of Light was the most rewarding. “The Beacon” is devoted to helping women in crisis reestablish themselves in the Greater Des Moines area. After serving the great people of Iowa and service members for ten years, Christopher transitioned fully into a civilian capacity.

His unique background is a unique benefit to the RedSky team and our customers’ missions

Today at RedSky, Christopher uses his military service, education, and community experience to support vital projects that positively impact people across the country.

“It has been amazing to work with technical professionals who have decades of military, technical, and professional excellence. The RedSky team reminds me of the best of both worlds between my military and community-minded lives as I get to enjoy the camaraderie and professionalism of service and the compassion and community of change-makers,” Christopher shared.

In his current project management role, Christopher supports as a PMO lead, analyst, and scrum master. In his free time, Christopher said he enjoys volunteering through Westport Housing Authority at a summer camp for youth within affordable housing.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Christopher and his inspiring contributions!