Veteran Spotlight: Garry Steffen

We’re proud to introduce you to our RedSky team member Garry Steffen, a true embodiment of commitment and excellence through his years of service with the United States Marine Corps.
Over the last 3 years, Garry has seamlessly transitioned from his remarkable 28-year career in the Marine Corps to a pivotal role at RedSky.

Garry’s story began with a childhood dream of military service, and he fulfilled that dream by first enlisting in the Marine Corps as a communications specialist in 1992. He went on to serve as a communications officer for the next 25 years, which included two joint tours in the J6 Communications Directorates at both the United States Central Command and the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).

In 2020, Garry retired as the Defensive Cyberspace Operations Branch Chief after his 28 years of service as a United States Marine. Two months after retirement he began serving as a RedSky contractor and found himself again at USSOCOM, sitting only 6 feet from the desk where he sat while in uniform.

Today, Gerry continues to leverage his extensive military experience to advance RedSky’s mission, aiding as a USSOCOM representative in various strategic planning sessions and working groups.

Garry is proud to represent RedSky and we are proud to support him as he aids our work with his expertise and successfully transitions into the civilian world.