New Year, New RedSky Logo

We’re so excited to announce RedSky’s new logo!

While RedSky’s original red and gray branding remains a great fit for our company, it was time to refresh our logo to ensure it provided as much clear inspiration and sense of purpose for our company as possible.

Our core values are Trust First, Solutions Driven, and Mission Obsessed. We want our logo to reflect these values in the words it says and the visuals we use. To have branding that truly stands out, whether or not the words “RedSky” are stamped across it, we needed a logo that communicated who we are at our core.

With that in mind, RedSky has left behind the design of our previous logo in exchange for a descriptive visual that helps us remember our mission every step of the way, and to know that we’re always moving forward.

In the same way that a horizon describes what we are always working toward, our mission truly is what drives everything we do. The values listed in our new logo aren’t just words on our website – they push us to go above and beyond to provide security, support, and innovation for our customer’s most important challenges.

This logo rollout represents a new horizon for RedSky as we enter the new year 2024 with more motivation and momentum than ever before.