Join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hola, bienvenidos! As we stir the ladle of the great American melting pot, beginning September 15th through October 15th we celebrate Hispanic heritages and cultures by honoring the rich arts and sciences, as well as the influences and contributions that Hispanic culture continues to provide as a cornerstone of the United States.

Cuban, Dominican, Ecuadorian, Honduran, Mexican, and Peruvian are just a few of the twenty-one Hispanic nations and territories around the world. 

We’re spending this month acknowledging and rejoicing with our family and friends of Hispanic descent, recognizing the many people and contributions that have made the United States the nation it is today.

The meaning of Hispanic Heritage Month for RedSky

Hispanic Heritage Month holds profound significance for RedSky, as it reflects the very essence of our founder Carol Monroe’s personal journey. Born in Ecuador, she shares that her heritage shaped her determination and passion, which ultimately led to the founding of RedSky.

Carol is a proud naturalized US citizen and appreciates that shes can “live the American dream.”  

RedSky is rich with diversity which strengthens not only our company but the military and government customers we serve. 

Embracing diversity is not just about recognizing different cultures; it’s about harnessing varied perspectives, experiences, and strengths. Diversity is an invaluable asset in both the military and government communities, where collaboration and strategy are paramount. 

It’s a testament to the notion that we create a more innovative and resilient community when we come together with unique stories and backgrounds.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage month!