What is IT Governance?

Investing in new information technology infrastructure is an ongoing aspect of running your organization. You want to maximize these investments, but you are not always sure that you have the structure and framework in place to make this happen.

What is IT Governance?

This is the purpose of IT governance – to develop a formal framework and structure to ensure that any IT investments you make ultimately support the objectives of your business. Simply put, IT governance involves putting a structure in place to ensure that any IT strategy you develop also aligns with your business’ strategy.

Proper IT governance can help your business produce measurable results that contribute to larger strategies and goals. A formal IT governance program also takes the interests of your stakeholders into account and the needs of your staff members, including the processes they follow on a daily basis.

Today, your organization may be subject to a variety of regulations that govern the protection of financial accountability, confidential information, and data retention. You may also be under pressure from stakeholders, customers, and shareholders to use and implement new IT systems with reliability.

At RedSky, we can ensure any IT infrastructure you implement supports your organization’s objectives by meeting all regulatory requirements specific to your industry. We would be happy to provide further information about our IT governance solutions and how we can enhance the structure of your operations with our support.