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Protect the cybersecurity of your organization with our expertise.

With a deep understanding of agency strategic goals and objectives, our staff reviews draft defensive cyber operations plans and works collaboratively to make recommendations that would improve the cybersecurity posture prior to wider agency socialization. Understanding the enterprise and customer needs, our team of professionals is tasked with participating on SOF and interagency cyber strategy teams to provide senior leaders with situational awareness and provide updates on cyber operations.

Cybersecurity Operations & Strategy

Our team has the experience and expertise to provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Ensure deployment of defensive cybersecurity tools is properly securing your IT networks by identifying capability gaps and redundancies, then advise on how to correct these deficiencies
  • Assist in developing cybersecurity exercise plans that accomplish exercise goals and serve as a trusted advisor during the exercise to ensure goals are accomplished without interrupting current operations
  • Review Cyber Red Team concepts of operation and make recommendations to ensure they align with organizational goals
  • Develop a penetration testing plan to confirm the effectiveness of current cyber defenses, identify vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation actions

RedSky understands that the security of your information systems is an integral part of accomplishing your organizational goals. Our team will maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your data and always ensure that its readily available. Contact us today to discuss our cybersecurity services in further detail.