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Our SETA support solutions can advance your missions.

Contracted directly by the government, Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) contractors support the U.S. Department of Defense components and acquisition programs. Providing engineering and analysis services, SETA contractors typically take on a consulting capacity and work alongside engineering staff members in the government department. One of the main benefits of hiring SETA support contractors is that they provide the expertise, availability, and flexibility organizations need without taking on the expense of hiring a long-term staff member.

SETA Support in Charleston, South Carolina

We provide SETA support to government agencies in Charleston, South Carolina. If you are looking for a high level of skill, experience, and expertise from your SETA contractor, turn to us. We have worked with multiple government organizations since starting our operation in 2016. We are also a woman-owned small business that continually pushes our teams to be bold, strategic, and innovative in order to deliver exceptional results, service, and quality to our customers.

We can effectively research and support development programs, thanks to our extensive technical and analytical expertise. We are also highly familiar with the programmatic challenges that often arrive when supporting systems-level initiatives. No matter how technically difficult your program is, we can successfully manage the task.

Some of our SETA support solutions include program planning and scheduling, technical analysis, new concept development, technical and programmatic mitigation, systems demonstration, and more. To tell us more about your program objectives and how we can provide customized support, contact us at RedSky today.

At RedSky, we offer SETA support in Washington, D.C.; Tampa, Florida; Charleston, South Carolina; and Fort Bragg, North Carolina.