Contract with Our SBA 8(a) Small Business for Your Next Project

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The federal government aims to award a minimum of 5% of all federal contractor dollars to small businesses run by socially and economically disadvantaged groups. At RedSky, we are an SBA 8(a) certified small business, and through this program, we have received technical assistance and training to effectively compete within the government contracting sector.

Contract with Our SBA 8(a) Small Business for Your Next Project

Under federal law, your agency can award sole source contracts to the SBA on behalf of our firm. For goods and services projects, these contracts can amount to up to $4.5 million, while manufacturing contracts can total up to $6.5 million. If you want to award our firm a sole source contract, this is the process to follow:

1. Contact us to tell us more about the technical requirements of your project, your price estimate, and your general expectations.
2. Get in touch with your Contracting Officer (KO) Agency Small Business Specialist and provide a package that includes your applicable NAICS code, project description, and other necessary information. We can help you prepare this package.
3. Your KO will then send an Offering Letter to the SBA that requests permission for you to move forward with sole negotiations with our firm.
4. The SBA confirms our eligibility, and we negotiate with your KO.
5. Your KO will prepare a contract reward document for us to approve, we sign this contract, and a copy gets sent back to the SBA.
6. The project begins based on the requirements and stipulations outlined in the contract.

From start to finish, this process should take no more than two weeks. We have a track record for delivering efficient, innovative, and effective solutions, and our capabilities range from IT governance and strategic and tactical planning to intelligence services and systems integration. To discuss a contract with us and meet your small business contracting goals per 13 CFR 124.110(C), reach out to our firm today.